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Legal Support For Victims Of Truck Accidents

In an average year, tractor-trailer trucks are involved in more than 3,500 traffic accidents in South Carolina. Such catastrophes account for several hundred serious injuries and dozens of deaths.

Victims and their families face an array of concerns. The priority, of course, is to recover as swiftly and completely as possible. Yet recovering entails an array of expenses; for many families, the financial burden can be nearly as great as the physical burden.

This is why the attorneys at Foster Law Firm, LLC, have dedicated themselves to helping victims of truck accidents pursue the compensation they need to cover their medical expenses and related costs. Based in Greenville since 1955, our firm has become a community mainstay and, likewise, our lawyers are active members of the local community. We work closely with the individuals we represent and are proud of the settlements and verdicts — many of them surpassing $1 million — that we've earned on their behalves.

Fighting Back Against Self-Interested Trucking Companies

It is not always easy to obtain compensation after an accident involving a tractor-trailer truck. A number of business interests stand in the way. Trucking companies are hesitant to admit fault, as compensating accident victims will diminish their operating budgets. Likewise, insurers that represent truckers have a financial interest in paying the minimum amount on a claim. What this means is that injured individuals without qualified legal help often find themselves accepting inferior settlements, and end up bereft of the funds they need to recover.

We know how to fight back. We understand how to identify any violations of federal regulations that drivers or trucking companies have made, and use this to enhance recovery. We work closely with a range of medical professionals and financial experts to determine the financial support our clients will need to recover and make necessary adjustments to their lives. We then assertively pursue restitution through negotiation and, if necessary, litigation.

Our aim is to ensure that victims of truck accidents receive compensation for medical bills, doctors' fees, prescription costs and related expenses. While we are unable to restore everything that might be lost in an accident, our attorneys work hard to provide a large measure of support and relief.

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