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Abuse And Neglect Are Common In Nursing Homes

When entering a nursing home or assisted living facility, individuals and their families have a right to attentive and adequate care. Yet many find themselves subjected instead to neglect and abuse. Government studies have found that nearly one-third of all nursing homes have been cited for harming residents or placing them in peril. More than 40 percent of all nursing home residents have reported abuse and, more concerning still, nearly half of all nursing home attendants have admitted to abusing or neglecting residents in some way.*
The attorneys at Foster Law Firm, LLC, are committed to pursuing justice after such offenses. With more than 60 years of combined experience, our lawyers understand what it takes to hold abusers and abusive institutions to account. Based in Greenville and serving throughout South Carolina, we work closely with the individuals we represent, taking care to understand the full extent of the harm they have incurred and pursuing financial compensation to help make them whole again.

Signs Of Nursing Home Abuse

Signs of nursing home abuse range from the obvious to the subtle. Verbal abuse — which takes place frequently — may leave no physical traces, but can still profoundly alter one's psychological well-being. Other forms of neglect, such as withholding meals or improperly administering care, may have visible effects.

Some abuse is intentional and some is not. It is often the case that a facility's equipment, such as its beds or wheelchairs, is faulty and prone to cause damage. In other situations, there may be a mix-up in a resident's prescription or physical therapy regimen — honest mistakes that nevertheless merit restitution.

The appearance of bedsores or pressure ulcers, sudden weight loss, uncharacteristic agitation or emotional upset — any of these is likely a sign that neglect or abuse is taking place. It is important for individuals and their families to be vigilant and act quickly in retaining a lawyer.

The Compensation You Need

A number of federal regulations apply to the care and treatment of nursing home residents. Our familiarity with these regulations enables us to test a given nursing home's compliance with them, including proper record-keeping (which is often overlooked).

Our firm takes steps to hold liable the institutions and practitioners responsible for abuse. Through legal filings, we seek compensation for any injuries or emotional harm that victims have incurred, as well as for costs related to relocation and subsequent medical care. Whenever possible, we will strive to ensure that the offending institution takes steps to make sure others are not similarly abused.

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