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When You've Been Hurt By A Domestic Animal

Too frequently, children and others lawfully on the property where a dangerous or vicious dog resides are severely bitten. In some cases, individuals can die as a result of attack.

What are the rights of persons injured under these circumstances? In both South Carolina and North Carolina, the law provides for strict liability against owners of dangerous animals which cause injury. What this means is that injured individuals can collect compensation for medical care from the owners without a showing of negligence or fault.

The lawyers at Foster Law Firm can help you obtain it. Our firm's attorneys are experienced with the insurance policies that provide liability insurance for such injuries. If you would like to speak with one of our attorneys concerning an incident of this type, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone (866-279-9772) or e-mail to discuss your case.

What Do The Laws Cover?

In South Carolina, an owner or possessor of a dog can avoid liability only if the dog was demonstrably provoked by the individual bitten. Landlords, meanwhile, are typically not liable for injuries caused by an animal kept by a tenant on leased property.

In North Carolina, victims may face a tougher battle. The plaintiff must show that the animal possessed a vicious propensity and the owner or keeper knew or should have known of the animal's violent tendencies, character and habits. In some cases, liability for dog bites can extend beyond the dog's owner — a landlord or negligent property managers, under certain circumstances, may also be liable.

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