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At Foster Law Firm, LLC, we pride ourselves on having successfully served numerous clients in South Carolina, North Carolina and throughout the country. And although past case results for our clients do not necessarily indicate similar results can be obtained for other clients in future cases — each case is determined on its own merits — we use our experience and best efforts to try to put our client's case in the best possible position to increase the chances of a successful outcome. Some cases, however, present difficult factual and/or legal circumstances which will affect the outcome of the case.

Representative Outcomes

    • $4.4 Million dollar verdict for 13 year old boy shocked by downed power line from car crash, snapping power pole. (Largest S.C. jury verdict in 2011 in a negligence only injury case)
    • $1.2 Million in overturned dismissal of burn injury case (2010)
    • $421,000 for 18 poultry plant workers in Greenville SC , including attorney fees and costs awarded for violations of the SC Payment of Wage Act and retaliatory discharge for having work accidents. (2012)
    • $6.2 Million verdict for three men severely injured by a chemical explosion in a local plant. Longest jury trial in Oconee county history - 6 weeks (2008)
    • $4.0 Million dollar settlement for man burned severely in house fire involving extremely flammable couch.
    • $1.0 Million Dollar Defamation verdict September 2014 from an Orangeburg, S.C. jury for CNA in a nursing home who was wrongly accused of rape.
    • $900,000 settlement against landlord for minor who lost her arm from fire caused by defective stove.
    • $607,500 settlement for family whose 23 year old son died when he hit a tractor rig obscured by smoke created by a forester clearing brush with fire. (2012)
    • $465,650 verdict for tractor trailer driver. His cab was struck by a crane boom which swung into his cab.(2007)
    • $400,000 work comp settlement for worker who fell from the top of his rig and sustained a brain injury.
    • $208,000 settlement to woman, whose misfiled prescription at big box store caused fall, severely injuring her.
    • $150,000 settlement for motorcycle operator injured by an at fault motorist.
    • $150,000 settlement to family of nursing home resident who died while in the care of the home.
    • $125,000 verdict for motorcycle passenger who was struck by a car crossing centerline.
    • $125,000 verdict for warehouse worker whose foot partially amputated by forklift driver.
    • $100,000 settlement for operator of motorcycle rear-ended by drunk driver who fled the scene.
    • $63,000 settlement against social services department who failed to supervise minor who was injured.
    • $33,600 verdict in low speed rear end accident causing rotator cuff injury. (2006)

Man suffers burns while saving family from burning home

Longest Trial in Oconee County History- Our Success

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