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If you or a loved one has been involved in fire or has sustained serious burn injuries, our personal injury law firm can help. At the Foster Law Firm, we offer the compassion, guidance, and dedication you need following such a traumatic incident. We provide a wealth of information regarding the classifications of burn injuries and help you recover financially after the fire.

To get started, contact our firm. Based in Greenville, we have more than 60 years of combined experience assisting clients in South Carolina and North Carolina. We've recovered millions of dollarson behalf of the individuals we've represented; we can help you, too.

At the Foster Law Firm, we address all relevant issues pertaining to your case. While we aggressively analyze the fire or accident that caused the burn injuries, we are also sensitive to your needs as a person. We can help you address the mental health and psychological impact the fire may have caused as well as the future care and planning you may need after a fire. We offer the resources you need to move forward with your life.

Burn Classifications

Many people wonder how burns are classified. Some relevant information is as follows:

  • First degree burn: First degree burns are usually the equivalent of a sunburn. Typically, there is redness on the first layer of skin (the epidermis) and minor pain. In most cases, the burn will dissipate in a matter of days.
  • Second degree burn: Second degree burns involve the second layer of skin (the dermis) or deeper. The appearance may range from superficial second degree burns involving fluid and blistering to deep tissue second degree burns which display a whiter appearance.
  • Third degree burn: Third degree burns are severe burns which involve charring to all layers of the skin. The skin appears thick, hard, and leather-like. Additionally, fluid at the injury site is often purple. Often times, there is little pain due to nerve damage. Skin grafting and other plastic surgery is required.
  • Fourth degree burn: Fourth degree burns are the most severe burns. In addition to charring of all skin layers, the burn causes charring to muscle tissue and even the bone. Fourth degree burns are life threatening and will require extensive burn treatment, such as skin graft surgery or other plastic surgery.


Asphyxiation/Smoke Inhalation (Suffocation)

Asphyxiation/smoke inhalation (suffocation) is the leading cause of death in house fires, mobile home fires, and other fires. Before fire victims even become aware of the fire, flame consume the available oxygen and produces toxic products of combustion, including carbon monoxide hydrogen cyanide and other poisonous gases in the air. This may result in sluggish movements, increased drowsiness, loss of rational judgment, or loss of consciousness, thus preventing escape. In addition, carbon monoxide inhalation causes death in a matter of minutes.

The Lifelong Impact Of Burn Injuries

Severe scald burns, third degree burns, and fourth degree burns can have a life long impact. Smoke inhalation may cause the lungs to be seared. This often results in the individual to suffer permanent pulmonary problems requiring medication and prolonged medical treatment. In addition, burn victims may sustain severe scarring, such as keloid scars (which have a raised rope-like appearance) and contractures (which involve the tightening of the skin tissue, muscle, and tendons, particularly around joints that limit range of movement).

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