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When Stoves Tip Over

A pot of water is boiling on the cook top of the stove in the kitchen. A curious child opens the oven door to stand on it, attempting to see what is cooking. The weight of the child on the open oven door creates a fulcrum causing the range to tip forward severely scalding the child.

At the Foster Law Firm, we understand that accidents happen. However, we also believe that many stove tip-over accidents, like the one detailed above, can be prevented. If you, your child, or another loved one sustained a scald injury or other injury, our personal injury attorneys can help. We are adept at pursuing compensation for our clients so that they can pay for necessary medical care and related concerns. Based in Greenville, and serving throughout South Carolina and North Carolina, we have earned millions of dollars on behalf of our clients and stand ready to help you, too.

What Causes Stoves To Tip Over?

In order to prevent stoves from tipping over and causing such serious scald injuries, a screw or restraining device can — and should — be placed in the back of the stove to anchor it to the wall. This is a simple fix that is of little cost to the manufacturer or installer of everyday ranges, stoves, and ovens. We hold product manufacturers, installers, landlords accountable for their negligence, such as:

  • Failure to provide anchoring devices with the oven or range
  • Failure to properly warn consumers the risk of not installing devices
  • Failing to install anchoring devices in apartments or rental properties


Our attorneys are experienced handling personal injury claims involving child burn injuries, second degree burns, third degree burns, flashback burns, and other scald burns. We have seen first-hand the damage a scald injury or severe burn injury can leave. We help you hold negligent parties accountable and recover necessary compensation for proper medical attention.

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