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Legal Support For Burn Injury Victims

A fire — and the injuries it causes — can devastate your family forever. Chastising yourself about mishaps or accidents that led to the fire will not bring your loved one back or take away the damaging effects of severe burn scarring.

Our firm cannot replace all that was lost, but we are able to pursue financial compensation to pay for medical expenses and related costs. Based in Greenville, and serving throughout South Carolina and North Carolina, the attorneys at the Foster Law Firm are compassionate, understanding and experienced. We have over sixty years of combined experience, and are adept at helping our clients after an accident.

How We Help

We concentrate our efforts in finding out not only the cause of the fire, but also why the fire spread so fast. This is ultimately the reason your loved one could not escape or why you suffered such serious burn injuries.

We have handled cases arising from a wide range of circumstances, including:

  • Propane-related explosions
  • Electrical shock burns
  • Stove tip-overs
  • Defective hot water heaters
  • Flammable interior wall paneling
  • Flammable sofas, mattresses, and other furniture
  • Mobile home fire cases
  • Flammable paneling cases
  • Flammable clothing cases

We have a deep understanding of different types of burn injuries and how to pursue medical treatment that addresses both physical injuries and psychological trauma. Our attorneys stay abreast of regulation and litigation on these issues and have recovered significant compensation to help the families move forward after the fire.

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