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Maximizing Your Compensation After An Injury

Recovering from a serious injury is a long and often expensive process. Beyond the physical pain and disruptions to daily life, injury victims find themselves burdened financially. There are hospital bills and doctors' fees, insurance premiums and prescription co-pays. Those unable to return to their jobs will endure a setback in the form of lost wages.

We can help. The lawyers at Foster Law Firm, LLC, have more than 60 years of combined experience providing legal support to injury victims in Greenville and throughout South Carolina. We understand the difficulties individuals face after a serious accident and have dedicated ourselves to helping them pursue the compensation they need to recover. Our attorneys have earned millions of dollars for our clients and stand prepared to help you, too.

Legal Support For A Full Range Of Injury Considerations

Our firm offers representation for a full array of injury matters, including:

How We Help

The process of filing a personal injury claim is not simple. Insurance companies will attempt to underpay a claim — or deny it outright — whenever possible.

Our firm fights back. We work with a range of medical practitioners who assist in developing a full picture of an injury and the costs of care. If insurers offer anything less, we are unafraid to take them to court, where we have earned a reputation for success.

The welfare of our clients is our priority. We work closely with the individuals we represent, taking care to answer their questions and address their concerns. Drawing on more than six decades of practice in the field, we understand how to leverage the legal system to their benefit and obtain justice.

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