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Frequently Asked Questions About ERISA

Attorneys Nathaniel W. Bax and Leila Louzri, of the Foster Law Firm, have handled thousands of ERISA benefits claims of all types, as well as other insurance claim matters. Their depth of knowledge and experience can be a significant asset to attorneys requiring assistance with their own ERISA or insurance cases. As such, our firm is able to help lawyers succeed in representing clients in ERISA-related matters.
Below, we lay out answers to some of the most frequently asked questions concerning ERISA claims. If you would like to learn more, please reach out to an attorney at our firm by calling 866-279-9772 or contacting us online. We are based in Greenville, South Carolina, but have handled ERISA matters throughout the United States.


What Is ERISA?
Is My Employer Required To Have An ERISA-Governed Benefit Plan?
How Do I Know If My Employer Is Exempt From ERISA Standards?
How Long Does A Claim Take To Process?
How Do Appeals Work?
Do I Really Need A Lawyer?

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