Common Causes of Fires

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When a fire causes severe burns and claims your belongings, your house, your memories, and even your family members, it can be difficult to move on until you get answers. What caused the fire? What made the fire spread so quickly? What treatment will be necessary? How can you move forward? At the Foster Law Firm, we work hard to help you find the answers you need. In addition, we strive to calm your anxiety about the future.

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What Caused the Fire?

Many factors can initiate a house fire, mobile home fire, or other fire. These factors may involve negligence or may simply be accidents. Some common causes of house fires and other fires involve:

  • Heaters: such as baseboard heaters, kerosene heaters, hot water heaters, and other heating elements
  • Gas and electrical fires: such as overheated electrical cords, sparks from an electrical cord, gas leaks, leaking propane tanks, propane explosions, LP tank explosions, and other electrical or gas explosion fires
  • Kitchen fires: such as grease fires, defective appliances, stove tipovers, oven fires, and other cooking fires
  • Other fire hazards: such as a child playing with a cigarette lighter, a candle that falls over, a candle that falls from a wall sconce, or negligent utility repairs

Why did the Fire Spread?

At the Foster Law Firm, we understand it is important to learn how the fire started. However, we believe that it is critical to understand why the fire spread so quickly. This is often the reason that so many mobile home fires and house fires turn fatal in a matter of minutes. In addition, this is often why individuals who survive the fire suffer such devastating burn injuries and other injuries.

In many instances, the initial cause of the fire-the cigarette lighter or other source-ignited an extremely flammable product, such as flammable upholstered furniture, flammable mattresses, or flammable interior wall paneling. When ignited with a small fire source, these flammable products cause the fire to rapidly expand resulting in smoke and toxic chemicals which engulf the room and the entire house in minutes. Oxygen is consumed and toxic chemicals fill the air before the people in the home even become aware of the fire-preventing them from escaping the fire.

We Can Help

At the Foster Law Firm, we help burn victims and families of fatal fire victims hold product manufacturers accountable for failing to make products flame resistant. In addition, we pursue product liability and third party negligence claims. If you or a loved one has been involved in a mobile home fire or house fire, talk with our experienced fire and burn injury lawyers at Foster Law Firm.

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