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Legal Support For Victims Of Watercraft Accidents

While jet skis, boats, and other personal watercraft can be exciting and enjoyable, they also present significant risks. At the Foster Law Firm, we understand the dangers of jet skis and other boats. We work hard to educate the public of these dangers. Likewise, we represent the families of boat accident drowning victims and help individuals who are seriously injured obtain compensation following a jet ski or boating accident.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident, Foster Law Firm can help. We have served the Greenville community since 1955, and practice throughout South Carolina. Our firm is experienced handling injury and wrongful death claims resulting from a full range of watercraft accidents, and always stand ready to assist.

Why Are Jet Ski Accidents So Severe?

When faced with an emergency while operating a motor vehicle, your first instinct is to let off the gas and apply the brakes. In operating some jet skis or personal watercraft, however, this instinct will cause you to lose the ability to steer the craft away from danger.

The steering mechanism of jet skis requires a moving jet of water from the propulsion system which rotates at an angle at the rear of the craft. When you see danger ahead and throw back the throttle, the water no longer gives thrust to the propulsion mechanism. Therefore, steering is completely lost. Because steering is lost, the person on the jet ski may be propelled into the nearby boating accident or other danger. This is referred to as off-throttle steering.

Committed To Helping You Recover

At the Foster Law Firm, we believe this represents a defective design. We pursue product liability claims against the manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of the jet ski for injuries or deaths caused by an accident that the operator couldn't steer away from.

If you were injured or a loved one drowned in a boating accident in South Carolina, our personal injury and wrongful death attorneys can help you obtain compensation and justice so that you can move forward.

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