My name is Gabriel R. In 2013, I had a work accident. I was working for an established carrier, as a truck driver, with a secure, well paid route. I gave up a lifetime of independence as an owner/operator.....but work insurance was part of the incentives. After initally trusting all the soothing words of the company's reps, I very quickly realized that my well-being was not a first, second or even distant third goal for them. I also realized that the general doctor I was sent to was not ....on my side. It was then when I started to look for help and God provided Mr. Robin and his firm. At the initial consultation, after he listened to my case, he asked me if the doctor said anything about my back. (I had a leg complaint also) I said no, but Mr. Robin seemed sure, so we asked for a leg/hip and low back MRI. The procedure showed a low back problem indeed. If it wasn't for Mr. Robin, the back problem would likely never have been discovered. After this, followed a several years' long battle for medical attention, weekly benefits and permanent disability. The insurance company hired one of the best firms around. Their tactic seems to be destroying credibility...regardless. Foster Law Firm, helped me thru the stress of the process and after the first few months things got to the point that I could finally relax and try to heal, knowing that Mr. Robin and his firm are behind me. And that is worth a lot.- Gabriel R.

When I called Foster Law Firm to see if he could help me with a case, he told me to come in the very next day, he didn't even keep me waiting.

Robin was meticulous & paid attention to what i had to say and he set my mind at ease. He also cares about his clients by the way he talked to me, you could tell.

He is very knowledgeable & resourceful for what you need done. Between Robin & Dawn  his paralegal they kept me well informed about my case.

I was very satisfied with everything they did. If I would ever need a lawyer again it would be the Foster Law Firm. -Sandra P.