Propane Explosion - Flashback Injury

Propane Explosion Attorney in South Carolina

Propane and natural gas explosions are serious accidents which can have a significant impact on an injured individual's life or on the life of a family coping with the death of a loved one. At the Foster Law Firm, we are committed to helping clients through this difficult time and helping them secure financial recovery. Contact our propane explosion lawyers at the Foster Law Firm to schedule an initial consultation.

We have been helping injured individuals and their families obtain compensation for their losses since 1955. Our law firm investigates negligent workers who may have failed to inspect valves, failed to comply with safety regulations, or failed to take proper precautionary measures when working in your home. We pursue all areas of liability, including negligence liability, product liability, or other areas of liability.

  • Gas grill explosions: A defective gas grill that has insufficient ventilation can cause a small explosion when lighting it. Even when lighting the grill properly, an individual can suffer second degree burns or third degree burns across the arms, face, and hands.
  • Leaking propane tanks: A defective propane tank valve, defective tank, or loose valve can cause gas to leak from the tank. Because gas vapors are heavier than air, the vapors easily travel from the leaky tank to an ignition source, such as a pilot light on HVAC systems, stoves, mobile home dryers, baseboard heaters, or even an electrical light switch. Once ignited, the small gas leak can create flashback conditions causing traumatic skin burns or death.

Our personal injury attorneys have extensive knowledge of burn injuries and other injuries that often result from propane explosions. We understand the trauma the injured individual will endure and the extensive medical treatment they will require to rehabilitate following the accident. The medical bills and other expenses can accumulate quickly creating financial hardship on the family, especially with loss of income. Our personal injury and wrongful death attorneys analyze all aspects of your case to ensure maximum compensation is recovered.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a propane explosion or suffered from fire burns in an explosion, talk with our experienced lawyers at the Foster Law Firm. Call 866-279-9772 or e-mail us.