Premises Liability Laws

South Carolina Premises Liability Attorneys

Businesses, landlords, and other property owners have a duty to keep their property safe and free from hazards. Failure to maintain a safe premise can result in serious accidents. At the Foster Law Firm, we hold property owners accountable for their negligence. From our office in Greenville, we represent injured individuals and their families throughout South Carolina and North Carolina. Contact our experienced premises liability lawyers to discuss your case.

At the Foster Law Firm, our personal injury attorneys have exceptional experience helping accident victims and their families. Our law firm handles a range of premises liability cases, including drownings, electrocutions, and burn injuries suffered on private property. Some of the premises liability cases we handle involve:

  • Slip and falls: We help individuals who have sustained a back injury, neck injury, or other injury in a slip and fall accident, trip and fall accident, or other falling accident involving unsafe conditions, such as slippery or wet floors, torn carpet, uneven sidewalks or walkways, un-removed ice, inadequate lighting, defective stairs, or debris.
  • Falling equipment or merchandise: Negligent or improper stacking of merchandise in a store can cause the merchandise to fall down, knocking a patron to the floor. We represent individuals who suffer head injuries, fractures, and other injuries as a result of falling merchandise or equipment.
  • Negligent lighting or security: Inadequate security or insufficient lighting creates hazardous conditions in stairwells, parking lots, parking ramps or garages, shopping malls, hotels, and other premises. These conditions offer opportunity for assault, rape, theft, or other incidents. In addition, the inadequate lighting is often the contributing factor to slip and fall or trip and fall accidents in these locations.
  • Other premises liability: Our law firm handles premises liability resulting from all types of accidents that occur on someone else's property, such as private or public swimming pool accidents, dog bites, electrical accidents, construction accidents, fire-related accidents, on the job accidents, and other accidents.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident on someone else's property, you may be entitled to compensation. Our premises liability attorneys investigate the facts of the incident and work to help you obtain financial recovery to alleviate the strain imposed by medical bills, lost wages, and other challenges that have arisen since the accident.

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SC Client Falls in Fast Food Restaurant on Video

The client was recovering from knee replacement 10 months before the fall, and stopped in an Arby's franchise Nov. 3, 2006, purchased her food and sat down in a booth next to the exit door. A surveillance camera caught the fall. The client sustained a hip fracture when the booth seat assembly tipped over when she placed her left hand on the top of the seatback to assist in standing up to leave. Our engineer found evidence that the booth had left old circular scrape marks on the wood trim on the sidewall from prior tipping of the assembly. He also found evidence of prior repairs to the underside of the seat, using different screws than those used by the manufacturer. She incurred $30,000 in medical expenses and $2000 in wage losses. Foster Law firm filed suit on her behalf and after discovery was completed, settled the case at mediation for a confidential amount. The franchisee had concurrent plans to replace the furniture at the time of the settlement.