Firm Overview

Foster Law Firm was founded in 1955 in Greenville, South Carolina. The firm prides itself on its reputation for stability. The firm's three equity partners have practiced their entire careers with Foster Law Firm. The firm has been located at its present address in Greenville for nearly 20 years. The firm's Greenville phone number, street and PO Box addresses have remained unchanged for nearly 20 years. Much of the firm's staff has been employed with the firm for a number of years. Foster Law Firm strives to provide its clients absolute dedication in providing a quality of legal service we take pride in rendering. The firm hopes that its stability and consistency will instill in its clients the utmost trust and confidence which are necessary to build a solid and long lasting attorney/client relationship. The firm strives to put client satisfaction and effective representation at the forefront of its practice. The firm maintains internal policies that client calls, concerns and needs will be addressed promptly and effectively. The firm strives to update this website regularly in an effort to better serve its clients. The firm limits the types of cases that it will regularly handle to a very few areas of law. The reason the firm is selective in the cases it handles is because its attorneys stay completely abreast of developments in the areas of law in which they practice so that they can provide their clients with the best, most thorough and up-to-date knowledge in those areas. You will find in this website an abundance of information concerning the areas in which the firm's attorneys practice as well as our experience in those practice areas. If you would like to discuss any of the contents of this website, any legal issues or your potential case with any of our attorneys, please feel free to contact us.