Comfort Inn Fire in the Greenville News April 11, 2007

The Greenville News reported on April 11, 2007 that "a federal judge had dismissed four suits against the Comfort Inn that claimed the hotel was negligent in a 2004 fire that killed six and injured 11 people." Foster Law Firm Attorney Robert P. Foster, lead attorney for the Plaintiffs in the four suits stated "his clients would likely appeal to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals."

Foster pointed out that more than a dozen state court cases remained active after a state court judge denied the same dismissal motion in the state court; "We're looking to Choice as best we can under the law to hold them responsible for the claims that remain and we're deciding whether to appeal - and we probably will to the Fourth Circuit on the four we lost."

Foster added that the Plaintiffs "had already accepted an undisclosed monetary settlement from some other defendants in the cases."

The News also reported that Foster's motion for the federal judge to reconsider the ruling in light of the state court ruling denying dismissal on the same issue, was also denied.