Mental Health & Psychological Impact of a Fire

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PTSD • Depression • Anxiety • Other Mental Health

Burn treatment is only one aspect of recovering from a fire or burn injury. At the Foster Law Firm, we treat burn victims and their families as a whole, obtaining compensation for the future while also providing resources to manage the lifelong challenges the burn victim and family may endure. Contact our South Carolina law firm to learn how we can help. We offer support to clients nationwide.

Coping With Life's Challenges after a Fire or Burn Injury

Fires, propane explosions, and other serious accidents resulting in burns are traumatic experiences, ones that many never fully overcome. However, there are resources available to help you and your family trough this difficult time. At our law firm, Robin Foster is a member of the Phoenix Burn Society. The Phoenix Burn Society is an organization dedicated to meeting the needs of individuals impacted by a fire or burn injury. The organization offers support groups, treatment, preventative advice, and other resources. In addition, the organization actively lobbies on issues involving cigarettes and other fire hazards before the government.

The support and resources available are valuable means to help you and your family overcome the challenges ahead of you. Mental health counseling may be necessary to ease anxieties about returning to society with severe disfigurements, such as missing limbs, prosthetics, severe scarring, facial deformities, and other impairments. Counseling can help you overcome fears about future accidents or fires.

PTSD and Other Mental Health after a Fire

Psychologists, psychiatrists, and other mental health specialists may be necessary for years to come following burn injuries. Many individuals who survive such traumatic events suffer from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or post traumatic stress syndrome. PTSD can involve recurring nightmares, flashbacks, difficulty sleeping or concentrating.

In addition, it is common for survivors to suffer from depression following the fire. Depression often originates as people cope with the death of loved ones in the fire or cope with the damage caused by severe burn injuries. Counseling or prescribed medications can help with these new adjustments.

Helping Burn Victims and their Families for Decades

Burn injury lawyer Robin Foster is committed to helping you recover financially and emotionally following a traumatic fire. Our law firm offers the support and resources you need to move forward and define your life.

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