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An overheated electrical cord, an un-attended child, a candle...

Regardless of the source of the fire, the result can devastate your family forever. Chastising yourself about mishaps or accidents that led to the fire will not bring your loved one back or take away the damaging effects of severe burn scarring. Nothing will. However, at the Foster Law Firm, we concentrate our efforts in finding out not only the cause of the fire, but also why the fire spread so fast. This is ultimately the reason your loved one could not escape or why you suffered such serious burn injuries.

Contact our flammability attorney-Robin Foster for compassionate, understanding, and experienced assistance in South Carolina, North Carolina, or throughout the nation. Learn more about flammable products, burn injuries, fatal fires, and our ability to help you recover compensation for your losses.

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Robin P. Foster challenges product manufacturers for producing products which are excessively flammable when exposed to small ignition sources in the home. These flammable products habitually cause fires to spread quickly and release toxic smoke into the air resulting in serious burn injuries, other traumatic injuries, and wrongful death. He stays abreast of regulation and litigation on these issues and has recovered significant compensation to help the families move forward after the fire.If you or a loved one has been involved in a serious or fatal fire, call us at 866-279-9772 or e-mail us online to schedule a consultation.